The Imposter


About the Game

The Imposter combines platformer mechanics with storytelling.

Play as Esi, help her navigate her thoughts, confront her fears and find the voice guiding her.

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Michelle E Umar

I am passionate about building things and constantly thinking of ways I can use technology to solve problems in my environment. 

With the Imposter game, I worked as the developer, level designer and also assisted with the game art. 

The tools I use include but not limited to – Figma, Laravel, WordPress, Canva, Unity, and Silhouette Studio. 

Drawn to minimalism.

I love design, architecture, art, and craft.

I value peace and tranquility.


Adewunmi Oluwafemi E.

When it comes down to it, I love to make stuff. Making artwork is something I’m passionate about. Making things(Creativity) is something fun and interesting, and most of all, making things (Creativity) shouldn’t be limited to one outlet. I am fond of almost everything art-related, and design. I am always looking to harness a new skill. I see tech as another outlet for creating and building stuff. and so I learnt to code. Game Development, I see as an artwork powered by tech. My role in the Imposter game was concept art, visual design and strategy.

I value diversity and teamwork.

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Unity, Figma, Canva…

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