Into the void


About Game:

Into the void is a hypercasual space shooter game. The player moves through space shooting at rocks to earn points.

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Nwanna Joseph (Cell lead)

I’m a Unity3D games developer with a demonstrated experience leading teams and meeting deadlines. I’m passionate about the growth of future game developers in Africa which was why I volunteered as a cell lead during the GameUp Africa phases.

 I love developing casual/hypercasual games. I’ve built and published casual Unity3D games.


Martin Akula

Hi, my name is Martin(BSc. IT). I am a software developer who enjoys making games using Unity and Unreal Engine and programming in C++, C#. I started my game development journey back in 2019 when I participated in my first Global Game Jam. I have yet to win :-). I acquired 3rd place in the African Game Dev Bootcamp.Besides that, I create web applications using Flask or Django. I also use Blender3D and Godot Game Engine. Feel free to contact me.

Emmanuel Katchy 

A mid-level Software Developer offering 3 years of extensive experience and exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills, coupled with a proactive approach, great work ethic, and the ability to function well in AGILE/deadline-driven team environments. I build web applications, design data pipelines, and build games. Always looking to further my experience.


Peter Achimugu

I’m a 300 level student of the University of Nigeria, a Game Developer with experience in building games with Unity in C# and an advanced level competitive programmer with C++ (5 years). I’m also a graphics (UI/UX) designer with experience in designing on Figma and Canva. I have bag quite a lot of wins in competitive programming over the years; Top Nigerian Representative for the International Olympiad in Informatics, Baku, Azerbaijan in 2019 and the Hackmania winner at Genesys, Enugu in 2020.

I have also started courses in machine learning, artificial

Israel Akinpelu

A Motion graphics designer specializing in UI and UX. Crafting digital storytelling and visual experience that makes the product and brand work, with strong leadership and analytical skills in Computer Engineering. With experience working with cross platform projects(Mobile and Web) and designing user-friendly products.

Equipped with the desire to work with a team and develop as a designer in an organization while seeking a new position in a dynamic, growth-oriented company focused on cultivating exceptional customer experience and a positive work environment.


Judah Matheka

Judah is a Bsc Mathematics and Computer Science graduate. He is a data analyst who dabbles in software development. His game development journey began in August 2020 courtesy of GameUp Africa bootcamp.


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