Ultimate Survival


About Game

This is a game where you are in a village environment and waves of zombies and beasts are constantly trying to attack you. You must kill them earn kills and survive.

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Nwoga Kizito
I am a High school graduate and a programmer with experience in HTML, Css, C# and I am a game developer with two years experience with Unity. I was a developer, animator and UI designer in Ultimate Survival. The tools I used were Blender Unity WordPress. My hobbies are gaming, football and drawing. I hope to get a job in a game development studio.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kizito-nwoga-6789572

Fauziya Abdul Rahman
I am a BBA accounting graduate with passion in IT. I am currently a software engineering students learning programs like html,css,bootstrap,React and so on.
My experience in Maliyo has given me an opportunity to explore I.T in a different aspect.I enjoyed the experience of Game development from the tutorials level to the participation in the final level of ultimate survival.


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