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On a quest to save wildlifes on the African continent, the player engages on a fun and entertaining journey answering trivia African questions to keep the animal alive and going and also learning about the African continent on the go

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Badejo Adesire

I am a recent graduate from Lagos, Nigeria,  with a Bsc. in Mathematics, an Oracle certified Java developer, a Google certified Android developer and a Backend(Java/Spring boot) developer with great interest in solving real world problems through software. 

I started programming dreaming of making my own games and thanks to Maliyo, I’ve recently gotten into Game Development with Unity.

On Know Africa, I worked heavily on scripting, bringing the UI designs to life and planning with the team, the way that project should go.


Emmanuel Giwa

Standing at 6’4, Emmanuel is a Software Developer with over 3 years of experience, specialized in building robust, easy to scale web applications. He is fluent with languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP and Go. Maliyo marked his journey into Game Development adding C# and Unity to his tool belt, where he worked alongside an amazing team to bring Know Afrika to life. Having experience in several areas had him designing the interface, user experience, scripting, and sound effects. Emmanuel is a tech enthusiast who enjoys sharing knowledge and mentoring junior or aspiring developers. One of his dreams is to one day revolutionize education with video games. His hobbies are Basketball, Tennis, Making Music, Video Games.


Opuda Sotonwari

 is a native of Amadi ama community in Port Harcourt City LGA,in Rivers State.

He is a tech enthusiasts, love programing and SDG advocate who is passionate about promoting SDG through volunteering.

To achieve this,he has volunteered for different organizations which includes

1.Tech Quest

2.Gender and Development Action (GADA)


4.Skills Outside School Foundation (SOS)

5.Project Pink Blue

6.Nigeria Youth SDG Network etc

He is open to more volunteering opportunities in Tech and SDG

Tolulope Longe

Graduated B.Sc Biochemistry from Obafemi Awolowo University, learnt the basics of Java language while in school and dived fully into Android development after school using Java before switching up to Kotlin. Have also worked on a couple of cross platform apps using flutter and react native.

Started my game development career with maliyo and during the bootcamp worked on a mobile game project Know Afrika in which I was involved in Scripting, Sound Effects, 3D Environment Setup. Enjoyed having to share ideas and collaborate with the team while it lasted.

Hobbies Include: Basketball, Watching Series

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