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Battle Racer is a racing game with elements of battle where the goal is primarily to win by finishing the race first, becoming the last vehicle remaining or escaping gruelling chases.

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Ajayi Eniola,

Technical artist, game designer(UI / Logic / Gameplay), and programmer for Battle Racer. A Software Engineer with a focus on Web Development. I make software using readable and easy-to-maintain code.
Thanks to the GameUp Africa bootcamp, I can confidently build fun and entertaining games using unity or webgl. When I am not coding, studying or working on projects you can find me improving on my voxel art skills, listening to music or cheering for my favorite esport org.

Sulaimon Abdullahi Oluwaseun (cell lead)
I have strong background in coding with learning experience from Microsoft certification scholarship, Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2019 till date. Also mentoring in Andela Learning Community BuildforSDG Challenge 2020 Program. I am a software developer who is curious to learn more. I heard of game development from Google certification program which we are encourage if we want to learn on gaming. I choose to apply for it is a lovely experience learning how to use Unity Engine. Now Learning Unreal Engine, I am part of battle racer game as game designer and game developer.
I am also a full stack web developer and cloud engineer. I am a graduate as a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Lagos State University, And Urban and Regional Planning, Ladoke Akintola University.
Now, I am working with Nestle as a backend Officer, I collect data in excel sheet from salespoint to head Offices and monitoring sales on systems. I am looking forward in joining any First Class IT industry.

Ayomikun Oluwatobiloba Abimbola
I am a graduate of Computer Science, Covenant University. I have an enthusiastic attitude towards new projects. I am extremely self-motivated to constantly develop my skills and increase in knowledge in my chosen profession. I possess good communication skills and I enjoy giving my time, energy and resources to assist others.
I am a front-end web developer and currently serving at the Ogun Tech Hub, Abeokuta. I am looking for opportunities to work in different areas in the technology industry.

Bolaji Baoku
Bolaji is a chartered Accountant and a certified Oracle financial management specialist turned Game Developer. Having been to EVO USA in Las Vegas, am an Esport Leader in Nigeria & Africa and my passion for Fighting games ignited the passion to build Africa’s First successful fighting game.

A huge believer in Virtual Reality, I am the most influential member of the Nigerian FGC ( Fighting game community) and an award winning contributor to the Nigerian FGC Community Development. Bolaji is CEO Battle Rap Nigeria and his passion for Game Dev is to take African Games and Nigerian Centric Content to the World At Large.

Matthew Benjamin
is a male from Rivers State.
He is a tech enthusiasts who is passionate about learning new things and creating sustainable solutions to enhance learning and making business easy.
He likes to volunteer.
I had a wonderful learning experience, learning with like-minded people

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