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A worker bee, PolyMate on the orders of the Queen sets out to destroy the plant eating insects that are threatening the life of all flowers.

But time isn’t on PolyMate’s side, speed is a win!

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Adetayo Boluwatife Christiana,

I am a National Diploma holder in Computer Science and currently a 300 level student of the department Computer Sciences, University Of Lagos. My place of residence is Lagos, Nigeria. I am a programming polyglot, an intermediate android developer and an inspiring AI expert. My hobbies include: Pencil drawing, bead crafting, writing, listening to music and singing. Recently added game development to my list of skills and worked on a game project; “PolyMate” as the project manager.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhbee

Oluwagbamila Philip Oloriire
I am a backend web developer and a fresh graduate of Physics (Electronics) from the Federal University of technology, Akure. I worked with my team to build Polymate, and contributed majorly to scripting. The tools I used include, Unity, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub. I have interests in Agriculture, wildlife, sports and Tech.

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Donald Kibet
I am a Junior Full stack developer as well as a passionate game developer. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information technology. My interests are in reading, swimming and coding. My skill set is diverse and complementary, and I spend my spare time working on improving my IT skills plus sharing technical knowledge with others.

Nkwoemeka Chiebuka
I am programmer that is versatile in various languages from c# to javascript and python, i work in the IT department in a financial institution as the IT admin and digital marketer, i am currently doing my masters degree in public health and data science, i worked with my team to build polymate game using the unity interface, my interests are in gaming, football, boxing, mixed martial arts, history, science and paleontology, i would love to take all my knowledge in history, paleontology, astronomy and sports and put them in developing unique concepts for digital games.

Christopher Adomako
I am an enthusiastic software developer currently working with The MIS (Business Application) unit of the Ghana Grid Company Limited. Graduated recently with a degree in Statistics (Major) and Computer Science (Minor). I was Introduced to game development when I signed up for GameUpAfrica 2021 and it has been an eye opening and self fulfilling experience. I, together with my team developed, Polymate and hope that the black and yellow can become a sensation.
LinkedIn – https://linkedin.com/in/christopher-adomako

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