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A group of players form something like a circle and we have an enemy at the centre

The players would pass the ball to each other  just to prevent the enemy from getting  the ball… 

The enemy would always run after the ball and try to tackle the player with the ball…

If he gets the ball the game is considered over.. The speed of the enemy increases with time and the player is forced to make decisions right and faster

Every successful pass counts as a score

It is modelled after the  popular street football game we played as kids in Africa.

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Peter Maina Waithera

Bsc Mathematics and Computer Science graduate.

With programming skills in android development using both java and kotlin.

I am also a web developer 

I work as an end-user support technician (part- time) .

I just dived into game development courtesy of GameUp Africa and I am loving it.

I enjoy anything that challenges my thinking capacity.

Fun-fact : I might look okay but deep down I really want to learn how to dance.


Polycarp Atalor

A Webmaster and Frontend Developer turn Game Developer. I use programming languages like: C#, JavaScript and PHP to bring creative ideas to life. I am a graduate of actuarial science

Hobbies: Play games, going places, coding and reading

Favorite Quote: “If I shoot at the sun, I might hit a star.”


KenJoel Muigai

  • Certified Cisco Cyberops Associate and Comptia Security+
  • 3 years of experience designing and shipping production ready software
  • Obsessed with user data security
  • Currently working as a Cybersecurity Technical Mentor for Cydeo
  • Full time nerd
  • Interested in all things Cybersecurity
  • I’m sure you have my email address 🙂 , but, here you go, incase you need to get in touch:

Teresia Karanja 

I have a BA in International relations. I primarily work as a freelance writer online. I am a tech enthusiast. I am skilled in android development using both Java and Kotlin. I like acquiring new skills, you could say I’m a skilling addict   . My hobbies include traveling, reading, picking up new skills, and engaging in interesting conversations. 

Fun Fact: I am an easy-going person who can find humor in most situations and like using humor to start conversations.


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