Shock Horse Escape


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The farmer comes every morning to check how his favorite horse farm . One day, while the farmer was leaving the horse, he forgot to lock the gate. The horse finds his way out and runs as far as he can. The farmer runs after the horse trying to catch it.

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Ibrahim Karl Bileri

I am a 21 years old full-stack Software and Web Developer from Togo, currently working remotely as Software engineer at Insurerity Digital (Ghana). I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. I love video games and basketball. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I started programming at the age of 14 when I found a book on Java in my father’s stuff. I enjoyed reading that book and I built my first amusing console games.

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Kelvin Mwangi

A professional DJ now a programmer. I’m a FullStack developer and enjoy designing and developing: websites/webapps, mobile apps and working on UI. I’m also an experienced Graphics & Media designer. I enjoy playing video games. Now I like creating mobile/web and pc video games with Unity & C#.

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Isheke Oghenero Paul

Graduate of Petroleum Training Institute in welding engineering, 

Richard Omotayo 

An engineering graduate from the University of Ibadan. Being passionate about games right from childhood, I decided to channel my creativity into game development. I started my game development journey last year with the use of Unity 3d engine, thus I programme in c# language. I am a lover of hypercasual games and 2D games. I am currently a nominee for the TechTrend Award in the Game Developer Category. 

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Lawrence Mutethia Gichuki

I am Lawrence Mutethia, a recent graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Currently am on   internship , working on Robotic Process Automation, and Machine learning Projects for the Kenya Revenue Authority. I am Passionate in what I do, a self-driven individual who is inquisitive and disciplined. I embrace creativity, team work and approach every task as both an art and a science. I have 6 months experience in software development and vast knowledge in different Frameworks, Programming and scripting languages. I have been in game development since my first year on campus. Game creation Is something I am passionate about and do most of the time as a hobby.

Aron kipkoech langat

I am a  competent software engineer  with a proven track record in developing software based projects. I can breakdown technological content and structure the information into lessons that can be used to educate people in software Development. I can deduce a problem or situation step by step and be able to construct solutions using the latest technologies to come up with an optimal solution. I recently joined the game world and though new am enjoying every experience. Planning to perfect my gaming skills and possibly launch my own game company .

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