2022 Annual Africa Game Jam

Annual Game Jam 2

About this Game Jam

Maliyo Games is excited to welcome entries for this year’s annual Africa Game Jam. This provides participants a chance to expand their skills and test their amazing creativity against their peers from around the continent. You can enter as a team or creators or individually with the option to choose if you want to join a team or work solo. We look forward to welcoming you on board – and most of all, have fun! ­čśÇ

Start Date & Duration

The game jam will begin on the 4th of July and end on the 11th 0f July.


All participants are to fill out this form to help us communicate with them once the game jam begins. 



The game jam theme will be announced once the game jam begins during the orientation call.

Game Submission

All games must be submitted through the Maliyo Games itch.io page

Submission Format

All submitted games must be in either apk or .exe format and must have a gameplay video submitted along with it.


You can make a game in any game engine with any programming language using any art and music assets (proving you are not breaking the law lol) in a team of any size you want.

Please keep your game free of harmful content and use common sense! Entries containing excessive gore, violence, nudity,  and strong language will be disqualified.

Voting Criteria

Entries will be judged on gameplay, game design, visual aesthetics, and hook.


A list of top performers will be announced on the community website a few days after the game jam ends.


The winner of the game jam will receive one month of support from Maliyo Games to get their game ready for publishing.

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