Unlocking the Power of Gaming Influencers

The African gaming industry is a growing force to be reckoned with, and this growth is nothing short of inspiring. One of the key drivers of this growth is the rise of gaming influencers, who are using social media to promote African-developed games and boost their perceived value. Mekan Games’ The President game is a […]

Unlocking Your Full Potential: The T-Shape Method

  The video games industry in Africa is rapidly growing. It’s an exciting movement with a growing number of opportunities for gaming professionals to wear multiple hats and take on different roles. However, this also means a higher risk of burnout. At Maliyo Games, we’ve had many informative sessions on this topic, and a  useful […]

Tips for Better Gaming UI/UX from One of our Developers

Friday afternoons at Maliyo Games are special and are filled with fun, learning, and bonding. It’s when the team at Maliyo Games comes together for an hour-long bonding session and we teach each other something new. It’s a crucial aspect of Maliyo Games’ culture of growth and development. In one of these sessions, one of […]

Rapid Innovation: Maliyo Games’ Interns Take on a Game Jam Challenge

As a member of the Maliyo team, I’m thrilled to share with you the latest news from our internship programme. Each year, we invest in the next generation of developers, through our very competitive selection process. In early March 2023, this year’s cohort participated in an in-house game jam, with a diabolical theme. The announcement […]

2022 GameUp Africa Jam: Celebrating African Sounds and Creativity

Creating a mobile game from scratch within just seven days may seem like an impossible feat, but that’s exactly what a group of talented individuals did during the 2022 GameUp Africa Jam. Held from October 4th to 11th, the game jam brought together 170 participants,  eager to show off their game development skills. Of these, […]

Breaking Barriers: How African Women in Gaming Can Follow in Ada’s Footsteps

Did you know that the world’s first computer programmer was a woman? As we commemorate women and their role in society, let’s take a moment to celebrate icons of history and draw inspiration from the legacy of Ada Lovelace, a brilliant mathematician. Rare for her time, she broke barriers and laid the foundation for what […]

The Story of a Maliyo Games UI/UX Designer. A Chicken Pickin’ Case Study

Get ready for an exclusive look behind the scenes of one of Maliyo Games’ most beloved titles, ‘Chicken Pickin’ Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey with a talented UI/UX designer, who will unveil the untold story of how she was a part of the transformation of this game into a sleek sensation […]

Game-Changing Developer Training, GameUp Africa, Announces 2nd Edition

Press Release: GameUp Africa 2 has commenced its second annual bootcamp for entry-level game developers in Africa. Run by Maliyo Games, a leading game development studio, in partnership with Google, GameUp Africa 2 teaches valuable programming skills to aspiring game developers. Its objectives are to upskill African youth in the core competencies required for game […]