How Kofi was Empowered to Conquer His Fears and Start His Own Business

Imagine strolling through the bustling streets of Accra, and amidst the vibrant energy, a young man catches your eye. With effortless grace and an infectious smile, he dances to a melody only he can hear. Meet Kofi, a symbol of resilience and determination. Kofi’s journey wasn’t always cheerful and animated. Deep within his heart, a […]

Pioneer the Third Wave of Wealth Through the Power of Personal Branding

Born in Sri Lanka and later forced to flee to Canada with his family at the age of 6, Chamath Palihapitiya faced financial hardships early on in his life. His father struggled with unemployment, and his mother held low-paying jobs in housekeeping. During a challenging period, his family relied on government assistance and Chamath worked […]

Explore the Dynamic Duo of XR and Mobile Games for Impact

Games have proven to be more than just a source of fun to a means to nurture creativity, hone problem-solving skills and even address real-world challenges. One significant milestone in the African games industry was the debut of Games for Change at Africa Games Week in February 2022. Games for Change, an influential organisation that […]

Essential Game Developer Resources for Indie Creators

In the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, a young game developer named Ifunanya had a vision that burned brighter than the scorching sun. Armed with passion, talent, and a laptop, she embarked on her quest to create a game that would capture the spirit of Africa and ignite the imagination of players worldwide.  However, Ifunanya soon […]

How Mobile Gaming is Transforming Africa’s Video Game Landscape

The digital revolution has swept across Africa, transforming lives and industries in its wake. One particular aspect that has witnessed a significant shift is the video game landscape, with mobile gaming emerging as a dominant force. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore how mobile gaming is shaping Africa’s gaming scene and […]

Rewrite African Tales in the Epic Journey of Aboki Run

Many moons ago, in a small village nestled deep within the heart of Nigeria, lived three young friends named Chinedu, Gbenga, and Danjuma. They were known throughout the village for their insatiable curiosity and unwavering desire to explore the unknown. Legends and tales of African folklore always captivated their imaginations, sparking a longing to rewrite […]

Preparing the Next Generation of African Game Artists

We are thrilled to announce the start of our highly anticipated Game Art Programme, which attracted an overwhelming response from aspiring artists. We received an impressive 376 applications and 51 outstanding art submissions. It goes without saying that the selection process proved to be a challenging task. After careful consideration, we proudly welcomed 27 participants […]

The Unique Art of Storytelling in Games

In a world where interactive experiences are increasingly prevalent, storytelling in games has emerged as a distinct and powerful form of narrative expression. Unlike movies or books, games offer a unique blend of player control and immersion, presenting new opportunities and challenges for storytellers. This article explores the tips and insights shared by a UK-based […]

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Pioneers 

In the heartlands of creativity, where imagination runs wild and dreams take flight, there lies an ever-growing oasis of gaming marvels. At Maliyo Games, we embarked on a quest to explore Africa’s flourishing gaming ecosystem, seeking to shed light on its untold stories and unlock its limitless potential. Today, we stand humbled and grateful as […]

Get in on the Whot King Craze Now Featured on Apple Store

Last Friday, during our usual Maliyo Games bonding session, I was caught off guard when a Whot King tournament was announced. Being a visual artist, I was no stranger to dominating our weekly competitions on and – two free multiplayer drawing and guessing games. I always felt like I had an edge over […]