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The HORD Limited

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Ask an Expert App is a solution that enables people to PRIVATELY Connect with established EXPERTS (Individuals OR Organisations (Public & Private)) from diverse fields, to get direct advise or insights on any topic to aid people in better decision making daily in real time. Ask an Expert improves the way people organise and position themselves to succeed in any field by adopting the sharing economy ideology where acquired knowledge and wisdom is shared more conveniently via mobile or web devices. It is a productive leadership and wealth creation platform which enriches peoples life daily. The app incorporates successful technology models onto one platform i.e. combining On-Demand, Private Messaging, Expert Network and Micro Blogging features, to enable connection to expertise, advisory, insights, counselling, coaching, consultations, mentor ship and business customer services to be easily accessed. Experts (Individuals or Organisations) can register and engage directly via this mobile app and gain visibility to millions of enquiring users while it is a subscription based value added service (VAS) in collaboration with the mobile operators for Customer Users to access a one-stop mobile marketplace directory of experts across any field or speciality.