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"Criminal Code Act of Nigeria. Free simple book app for Naija. FREE LEGAL INFORMATION IN YOUR MOBILE PHONE Criminal Code Act. Chapter 77. Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990 Criminal Code Act of Nigeria consists of 8 Parts, 54 Chapters and 521 articles: Part 1 Introductory Part 2 Offences against Public Order Part 3 Offences against the Administration of Law and Justice and against Public Authority Part 4 Acts Injurious to the Public in General Part 5 Offences against the person and Relating to Marriage and Parental Rights and Duties, and against the Reputation of Individuals Part 6 Offences Relating to property and contracts Part 7 Miscellaneous Offences Part 8 Preparation to Commit Offences: Conspiracy: Accessories after the Fact Whether you are a layperson, law student, lawyer or a taxpayer, this is an invaluable reference since it contains full text of the Act in your phone. Very useful app for Naija. This book useful for: - Lawyer - Attorney - Law Firms In Nigeria"