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"This App enables you to watch Live Rave TV programs from Lagos, Nigeria. A simple Application that brings you closer to us irrespective of your location in the world. RAVE TV is Nigeria’s first interactive multi-broadcast network, a brand from Inside Out Media Limited, the producers of “Inside-out with Agatha”. RAVE TV promises to be an exciting Channel, focusing on entertaining and educating the young and the young at heart through its rich content cutting across African borders. Our programming will be urbane and riveting. Rave TV is on Startimes and Consat Cable Network here in Nigeria. We are the custodians of the past, present and future. We offer fascinating hours of non-stop, original programming with world-class production quality. You can watch our TV Programmes on Startimes, ,and Consat as we also stream online(www.raveng.tv/live-streaming) Our Station is positioned to be the home of quality entertainment. OUR STRUCTURE Our structure is built around CREATIVE PEOPLE with insightful knowledge about societal values. Our TV Programming is tailored to deliver to our viewing audience quality contents that informs and educates while serving to entertain, inspire and empower. We provide brands with high-quality advertising on our syndicated digital platforms. OUR VISION To create a TV channel that is audience participatory and educative. OUR MISSION To deliver rich television content that will impact good societal values. OUR OBJECTIVES • To fill the vacuum in the broadcast industry • To apply creativity in its utmost sense OUR VALUES • Integrity • Fairness • Diligence RAVE TV CABLE NETWORK DEMOGRAPH Rave TV’s digital Cable Demorgraph: According to research statistics, Startimes has covered 32 cities in Nigeria (i.e. South West, South East, South South, North and Middle Belt Region) with total subscribers’ base of 2,381,727million. It also has 841,602 Subscribers in other Africa Countries (i.e. Kenya 348,520 Subscribers, Tanzania 112,875 Subscribers, Malawi 116,002 Subscribers, and Uganda 264,205 Subscribers). Rave TV is also on CONSAT a new cable platform with a prospect of building a large pool of Subscribers. In all, Rave TV cable gives better platform to potential advertisers to reach their target market. By June 2015, Nigeria will be migrating to digital television. In less than one year, all TV stations will be operating on the same platform, which gives Rave TV’s prospective advertisers an opportunity to be ahead of other brands. "