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There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world; within us are the smartest people in the world. We need to cultivate a progressive and successful Muslim state of mind - that which you can find in successful Muslims such as the new Mayor of London - Sadiq Khan, the Olympic fencing sensation Ibtihaj Muhammads, and Ilhan Omar, the 34-year-old Muslim woman recently elected to Minnesota’s state house of representatives in the United States of America. Join the community of successful and professional Muslims and be part of a community where we come together, to learn from one and another, motivate and and inspire each other - in no judgmental form or manner, to become successful, professional and worthy of the name Muslim. Use Tutlub to: * Discover and meet professional Muslims within your locality. * Read, stream, download and listen to the Holy Quran offline and online * Listen to various Islamic online radio stations and informative programmes. * Discuss life, religion and social issues in the comfort and in the midst of professional Muslims like yourself. * Extend your reach, connect with professional Muslims around the world- United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Mayotte, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Russia, China, Kenya, Malaysia and more * Be on a social network app without compromising your fundamental principles * Get support, be motivated and be inspired by others to become better in this world and life after. The free Quran for Android in this Tutlub application includes: - Holy Quran (Al Qur'an) with audio recitations (mp3) - Al Quran MP3 - Read Quran text with translation online and offline - Bookmark of the Ayah to restore the recitation from where the user has left lastly - Download recitations to listen offline - Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation - Play audio in the background while you're using other features of the app or your android device. Islamic radio station. Listen to various Islamic radio stations free with different Muslim and Islamic programs like: -Tilawautul Quran Majeed from various reciters including Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Abdul-Basit Abdus-Samad, Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Saud Al-Shuraim, Saad Al Ghamidi, Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri, Yasser Al Dossari, Maher Al Mueaqly and many others - Religious Conversation and lectures from scholars including MUFTI MENK, Nouman Ali Khan, Shaykh Ahmed Ali, Dr. Zakir Naik, Imam Suhaib Webb, Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, Hamza Yusuf, Dr. Bilal Philips,YASMIN MOGAHED, Mufti Menk and others. - Islamic Songs (الأغنية الإسلامية) or nasheed from artiste such as: Sami Yusuf, Yusuf Islam, Native Deen, Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Zain Bhikha, Maher Zain, Ahmed Bukhatir, Hamza Robertson, Mesut Kurtis and many more. QURAN READING AND LISTENING HABIT TRACKER Whether you want to finish the Quran within 1 year, 6 months or 1 month Tutlub will help you to achieve that. 91% of people who track their Quran reading and listening habit for at least 7 days on Tutlub gain more traction. - Track your DAILY and WEEKLY QURAN Recitation GOALS and progress over time to determine how many DISTANCE you have covered. - Goal Setting -- Create your own goals or target and Tutlub will tell you how many verses of the Quran you have to complete daily and weekly in order to meet your target. - Newsfeed Updates -- Share your accomplishments and see friend’s progress in the newsfeed. - CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS Chart Your Progress - To keep you motivated there is also a graph of how you are improving over time. Progress Photos - Tutlub send you a progress photo whenever you reach your weekly target, detailing how many verses you have completed so far. Share Your Progress Photo - Help inspire friends and family members to join you in completing the whole Quran by sharing your progress photo Tutlub feed and other social media.