Adventures of the Tortoise

Genii Games 

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"""This fable application is a fun adventure. It manages to bring one of the better known tortoise stories to life in a modern way, and is able to add elements that take it a bit beyond being just a digital storybook."" - android rundown review Meet the African Tortoise; a character best known for his wit, creativity and mischief! Think you know all there is to his unique character? Well, think again. Adventures of the Tortoise is a collection of African folktales about the Tortoise. Everything about him - looks, voice and more - has interesting stories to it. Thus, if you have ever wondered about the Tortoise's unique features: cracked shell, nasal voice or more, Adventures of the Tortoise bares it all with interesting stories. Follow the Tortoise on his adventures across various African Cultures. While at it, explore interesting features of these cultures: folksongs, names, dressing, sceneries and more. Also, unravel this unique character with simple activities such as games as you go along. That’s not all. Adventures of the Tortoise is a blend of stories that can be adapted for various purposes. - An educative tool to stimulate reading habits in children. - A tool in explaining life’s values and morals to children. - A bridge between various cultures. - An entertainment piece for bedtime stories. - A tool for engaging children vis-à-vis built-in games. With Adventures of the Tortoise, enjoy features such as the following: - New interesting stories added regularly to the collection thus, providing you with multiple books in one app. - Play interesting games to help the Tortoise complete different activities. - Different Reading Modes: Auto Play, Read myself and Read to me - Uninterrupted play of each story: Pause, Play or Repeat the scenes anytime you want. - Learn African Folksongs. - Page selectors to quickly access your favourite pages. - Highlighted texts for easy reading. - Multiple page options to control the text view, background music and voice narrative. Genii Games Asa brand was awarded the 2013 Etisalat Pan-African Prize for Innovation at the AfricaCOM Awards in Cape Town, South Africa. This is in recognition of its efforts towards the promotion and preservation of the African Culture among kids. Get updates and more on the official blog: Note: This app is optimized for devices with screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels."