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"In the year 2050, the world is at war! The developed world has been decimated in what came to be known as the third world war. Corporations have taken over and built legions of warrior robots to control what's left of the human race. The last hope of humanity is found in Africa. In the face of this threat,the nations of the continent have united to form the African Union (AU). Scientists have come together and harnessed the rich resources of the continent to weaponize for the coming battle. Finally, a breakthrough emerges, AU scientists develop long-range ballistic rocket capabilities and also uncover the base of enemy operations. A plan was developed for well placed surgical strike code named WIPEOUT which could destroy the enemy base and win the war. Unfortunately, the plans for WIPEOUT are uncovered before it could be executed. You are a Commandant in the AU Army and the last line of defence for WIPEOUT. At your command is one of the last remaining M.O.L.U.Es (Mobilized Ordinance Launcher Unit - Class E), the most powerful armoured vehicle in the AU arsenal. You need to defend the Rocket for Project WIPEOUT from enemy forces... Good Luck! READ MORE "