Msitu Wars

Kuluya Games 

Games , Casual

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"It’s been over a thousand years since the last plague ravaged the forest (Msitu). The forest creatures enjoyed more than one thousand years of peace and ever green nature of the forest because of the Msitu Flying squirrel airstrike force, the only aerial strike force that have been able to defeat the Mbato (Cave Dwellers) Bat Strike force. The Msitu Flying Squirrels are summoned counter the Mbato clan with new inventions: MsituCloak this acts like an invincible shield protecting them from the vision of the flying bats. Msitu DoublePod, when upgraded, they fire two times the number of Pallets which inflicts two times damages on the enemy. This makes for a faster and quicker clearing of enemy bats over the Msitu airspace. With all these upgrades and more, the Mbato clan still has an upper hand with their massive number of troops and new recruit and a secret weapon that paralyzes the Msitu and renders it vulnerable to attack. Avoid being hit and watch out for the massive number of Bats headed your way. Game Play To play the Msitu Wars, tilt your device to the left to move to the left and tilt your device to the right to move to the right. The Msitu Squirrel shoots pallets continuously."