Pant Shooter

Kuluya Games 

Games , Arcade

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"The Fly colonies are after your pants. Use Pegs for bullet to peg-down these annoying insects or else you will go to work without pants. Pant Shooter is a game where you strike down insects while you wait for your clothes to dry. Your pegs are limited; the insects are worth various points. Strike more flies, gather more point and beat your target to proceed to the next level. How to Play: Tap on any insect to shoot. Your pant as automatic targeting system installed in it. Shoot insects with higher points to get to the next level. The levels becomes harder and faster with more VIP insect coming after you. Game Features: *Stunning graphics that captures a typical African laundry scene. *Engaging game progression from one level to another *Juicy insects of various sizes speed and points *Awesome sound effects to make you believe you were right there. *Eye-popping User Interface."