Phat Gal

Total Makeover Program 

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"The aim of the game is to get the Phat Gal to cover a certain distance over a certain period while avoiding junk and making healthier options in order to lose weight, keep it off and maintain a healthy lifestyle. During the game, you get to see the Phat Gal change in physical appearance once you get to 35,000 points and enjoy special features like longer jumps and immortality for 5 seconds with Acai Power ups and special shoes power up (with 500 and 800 coins) She has to avoid burgers and reach for Apples and Acai The game is based on a true life story of Remi Owadokun who was overweight, in a city hustling but still trying to live a healthy lifestyle but avoiding junk, making healthier options and still trying to manage her everyday life. After losing 40kg naturally and keeping it off, she has gone on to become a Certified Health Coach, Life Coach and Master Practioner of NLP and is helping thousands of people around the world. With this game, she hopes to subconsciously educate the players about health in a fun way Join her thriving community on Facebook --> Total Makeover Program "