Stand Down: 2d shooter

Flamation Studios

Games , Arcade

13.44 Mb

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Sergeant Smith is going it alone! He's determined to overcome dangerous traps and pirates one obstacle at a time. In the game, you are Sergeant Smith, hoping to last longer each time. You have an armoury of lives, shields and bullets you can buy with the coins you garner from overcoming each obstacle. A shield defends you from every obstacle, as long as it is around you. You need lives to keep on playing the game and ammo ( bullets) to shoot the evil pirates Touch controls are as follows: Swipe down to slide ,Swipe up to jump and tap the Sergeant to shoot! That easy! The longer you last, the higher up the leader board you go! Compete with friends and other game lovers and top them all. Visit for more information about game promotions and leave your comments and suggestions on our social media handles. Thanks for playing!