A Cosmic Celebration of Africa’s Gaming Brilliance

The Nairobi Game Development Center recently hosted an event that transcended the boundaries of innovation and creativity.  This cosmic celebration left an indelible mark on us as a games studio and one that we hope does the same to the African gaming landscape. 

Unveiling Africa’s Gaming Cosmos:

The starlit evening began with the unveiling the Africa Games Industry Report, a document that transformed data into narratives, providing a glimpse into the heartbeat of Africa’s gaming landscape. Each page was a pixel in a larger canvas, painting a picture of growth, challenges, and triumphs. The session led by our CEO Hugo Obi alongside Nordicity’s Kristian Roberts was also a wonderful deep dive into the huge potential that the continent holds based on studio and consumer trends. 

The event’s panel discussions were a journey, where industry pioneers and visionaries shared insights on the records and future opportunities. Ideas collided and insights blew up, illuminating the path forward for Africa’s gaming future. 

The night unfolded with celestial networking under a starlit canopy, bringing together enthusiasts, developers, and visionaries. Connections were forged, ideas exchanged, and alliances formed—a testament to the community’s commitment to propelling Africa’s gaming future. The launch wasn’t just an event; it was a revelation. 

To everyone who joined us on this journey, thank you. Your presence, passion, and commitment illuminated the room and propelled Africa’s gaming community into a new era. Stay tuned for more adventures as we redefine the gaming universe together.