We've Cultivated A Culture of Excellence

At Maliyo Games, we build highly motivated and high-performing teams dedicated to creating immersive experiences through video games. 


We Love Making Games

We craft rich, authentic stories, create immersive environments, and design captivating characters. We share our collective history of storytelling with mobile game audiences around the world


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We understand that talented individuals working efficiently in teams are critical to our long-term success. That is why we have a culture that supports autonomous, highly motivated, and high-performing teams who believe in our ethos and work daily to deliver best-in-class player experiences.

To provide a clear understanding of our operational framework, we have meticulously articulated a document that guides our work. This document is not just for our current and future employees, but also for our prospective partners and collaborators. We've made this document public, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and fostering trust in our relationships.


Our Vision

Our vision is to produce high-quality games developed in Africa by African talent, while continuously innovating to disrupt distribution and monetization systems.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create and deploy top-tier, scalable, and enduring solutions tailored for the African market, spanning talent development, game design, distribution networks, and monetization strategies.

Life At Maliyo

Meet the team and learn more about what drives us and how we're making video games in Africa.

Our Culture

Fostering a Safe Space for Creators