A Heartfelt Thank You to the Pioneers 

In the heartlands of creativity, where imagination runs wild and dreams take flight, there lies an ever-growing oasis of gaming marvels. At Maliyo Games, we embarked on a quest to explore Africa’s flourishing gaming ecosystem, seeking to shed light on its untold stories and unlock its limitless potential. Today, we stand humbled and grateful as we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the incredible individuals who participated in our survey, sharing their invaluable insights and breathing life into this remarkable journey. 

A Tapestry of Voices 

Like a colourful tapestry woven from the diverse threads of Africa’s gaming landscape, we received an astounding 118 responses, each one a testament to the passion and resilience of our creative community. Together, these responses painted a vivid picture of Africa’s gaming landscape, showcasing the untapped potential that lies within. 

The Pioneers 

To our delight, 41 responses emerged from Studios. These brave pioneers accounted for 35% of the survey, embodying the spirit of African creativity and entrepreneurial vision. Their unwavering dedication has laid the foundation for a thriving gaming industry, igniting a spark that illuminates the path ahead. 

The Trailblazers 

Alongside the Studios, we received another 41 responses from the Indies, representing the unsung heroes who bring their unique flavours to the gaming world. These fearless trailblazers make up another 35% of our respondents, showcasing the unshakeable spirit of African innovation and reminding us that creativity knows no bounds. 

The Building Blocks 

To complete this rich tapestry, we are indebted to the remaining participants who lent their voices to our cause. Employees, with their invaluable industry expertise, comprised 12% of the responses, while passionate Hobbyists contributed a vibrant 18%. Each response served as a building block, strengthening the foundation of Africa’s gaming ecosystem. 

Regions of Inspiration 

From the vast plains of the West to the hills and plateaus of the East, the survey revealed the immense geographical reach of Africa’s gaming community. West Africa took the lead with 48 responses, accounting for 41% of the total. Southern Africa followed closely behind with 32 responses, representing 27% of the survey. East Africa added its distinctive voice with 27 responses, amounting to 23%. Central Africa, though fewer in number, made a noteworthy contribution with 7 responses, embodying the spirit of resilience. And finally, North Africa, with its enchanting allure, chimed in with 4 responses, representing 3% of the survey. The collective strength of these regions fuels our determination to foster a unified African gaming ecosystem. 

The African Gaming Dream 

Through the word cloud generated from the responses to the question, “What type of support does the African Games Industry need to succeed?” a vibrant symphony of aspirations emerged. The dreams of our community resonated through words like infrastructure, funding, training, engaged governments, and access to opportunities. It is through these shared aspirations that the path to success becomes clear, igniting a sense of unity and purpose within our creative souls.

Join the Journey

As we reflect upon this remarkable survey, we invite each and every one of you, from the Studios to the Indies, from the Employees to the Hobbyists, to join us on this momentous journey. By signing up for our waitlist at, you will ensure that the gates to Africa’s gaming oasis are opened to you, granting exclusive access to our forthcoming report, with a tentative title: “A Look Into Africa’s Growing Gaming Ecosystem.” This comprehensive piece, slated for publication in the second half of 2023, will encapsulate the essence of our community’s aspirations, showcasing the boundless potential that awaits