Slate Asks: Let’s Single Sitcom Characters Date Using The Internet?

It is a concern I hadn’t given a lot thought to (and I’m guessing I am not alone) until Slate uploaded it: Why don’t unmarried sitcom characters date online? Everyone else as well as their mommy (quite actually) is performing it in actuality, so just why haven’t tv sets shows hopped on the train? Earlier […]

Game-Changing Developer Training, GameUp Africa

GameUp Africa 2 has commenced its second annual bootcamp for entry-level game developers in Africa. Run by Maliyo Games, a leading game development studio, GameUp Africa 2 teaches valuable programming skills to aspiring game developers. Its objectives are to upskill African youth in the core competencies required for game development on Android while providing ecosystem […]

2022 Annual Africa Game Jam

About this Game Jam Maliyo Games is excited to welcome entries for this year’s annual Africa Game Jam. This provides participants a chance to expand their skills and test their amazing creativity against their peers from around the continent. You can enter as a team or creators or individually with the option to choose if […]

Shock Horse Escape

About Game The farmer comes every morning to check how his favorite horse farm . One day, while the farmer was leaving the horse, he forgot to lock the gate. The horse finds his way out and runs as far as he can. The farmer runs after the horse trying to catch it. Download on […]


About Game A group of players form something like a circle and we have an enemy at the centre The players would pass the ball to each other  just to prevent the enemy from getting  the ball…  The enemy would always run after the ball and try to tackle the player with the ball… If […]

Afro Libra

About Game A fast paced right to left platformer where the player character must slide and jump to avoid various obstacles in the jungle fleeing away from the magical priests in their pursuit. Download on Google Playstore Vote – Link Team Michael Sylvester Project lead, co game designer and programmer for Afro Libra. Just finished University […]


About Game A worker bee, PolyMate on the orders of the Queen sets out to destroy the plant eating insects that are threatening the life of all flowers. But time isn’t on PolyMate’s side, speed is a win! Download on Google Playstore Vote – Link Adetayo Boluwatife Christiana, I am a National Diploma holder in […]

Battle Racer

About Game Battle Racer is a racing game with elements of battle where the goal is primarily to win by finishing the race first, becoming the last vehicle remaining or escaping gruelling chases. Download on Google Playstore Vote – Link Team Ajayi Eniola, Technical artist, game designer(UI / Logic / Gameplay), and programmer for Battle Racer. […]