Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef

Step into the vibrant world of Nigerian cuisine with Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef, Inspired by the Disney+ original animated series, Iwájú, from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pan-African entertainment company, Kugali. As a budding chef in Lagos, immerse yourself in the exciting realm of restaurant cooking, whipping up classic dishes like jollof rice and puff puff to satisfy hungry customers and rise through the culinary ranks. Complete orders quickly, unlock mouthwatering recipes and upgrade your restaurant to become the ultimate chef. With familiar characters from the animation series and frenzied boss-level encounters, this fast-paced cooking simulation game promises endless excitement and delicious fun for players of all ages.


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Our Customer Feedback

Rising Chef is an absolute gem. I love the frenzy that comes into play with cooking games and Rising chef was delightful. It's a must-play. Well done Maliyo Games.

Samantha Hurst USA

The attention to detail and resemblance to actual Nigerian cuisine made the game all the more interesting adding a layer of authenticity. I love the charming characters from the Iwaju animation series and the variety of locations to play in.

Ngozi Eze Nigeria

Hands down one of the best cooking games I've ever played. It is both very fun and educational. As I work my way through the various levels, I'm learning so much about Nigerian cuisine and culture in a fun and interactive way.

Jabulani Nkosi Uganda

The character designs in Rising Chef are simply adorable. Each one adds personality and charm to the game, making it a joy to interact with them while cooking.

Ashley Martinez USA

I appreciate how Rising Chef incorporates authentic Nigerian recipes into its gameplay. It's a fantastic way to introduce players to new flavours and cooking techniques.

Temi Adebayo United Kingdom

Trying to keep up with orders and get all three stars keeps me coming back for more. I love that I also get to explore the recipes of the foods I’m making.

Iago Santos Portugal

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