Game-Changing Developer Training, GameUp Africa, Announces 2nd Edition

Press Release:

GameUp Africa 2 has commenced its second annual bootcamp for entry-level game developers in Africa. Run by Maliyo Games, a leading game development studio, in partnership with Google, GameUp Africa 2 teaches valuable programming skills to aspiring game developers. Its objectives are to upskill African youth in the core competencies required for game development on Android while providing ecosystem support to the continental gaming industry.

GameUp Africa 2 actively addresses a major problem within Africa’s games industry and the broader digital economy. Game development resources are fewer in Africa than in other parts of the world. This is due to the culture around games, access to quality education, and poor infrastructure. For over a decade now, local games studios have struggled to find skilled talent to grow their product pipelines, as available talents need further investment in education to grow their skills.

GameUp Africa is the brainchild of Maliyo Games founder and CEO, Hugo Obi. He said, “Before we started this bootcamp, we asked ourselves, ‘What if there was a way to help small game development studios and rising talent develop their skills and talent?’ This was the origin of GameUp Africa.”

Hugo added, “We are honoured to be working with Google to support skills development within the African games industry, unlocking new employment opportunities for candidates and driving economic growth as a result. This program has the potential to take African gaming communities to the next level.”

GameUp Africa bridges the gap between up-and-coming game developers and studios that need them, changing the game development landscape in Africa for the better. The participants are given an opportunity to follow their dreams to create games and change the games industry in Africa and worldwide.

Many alumni from last year’s bootcamp are now enjoying career success in games companies across the continent.

Young people who are ready to change the course of their game development careers are invited to apply to the GameUp Africa Bootcamp. Visit to apply today! Applications close on August 5, 2022.