Maliyo Game Art Training Programme 2023: A Journey of Creativity and Innovation

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of game artistry? The Maliyo Game Art Training Programme 2023 took aspiring game artists on an unforgettable journey of creativity, collaboration, and skill development. Let’s take a moment to recap the highlights of this incredible program that brought together aspiring artists from across Africa and beyond

Fusion of Talent and Diversity

One thing that struck the participants was the diversity of talent and backgrounds that were present. Artists from different countries, cultures, and artistic disciplines came together under one roof, forming a vibrant and dynamic community. The rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives was one of the program’s defining features.

Furthermore, most participants were just starting on game art and didn’t know how to use certain tools or the different aspects of game art. Within the 3 months, they were able to learn that and apply it in creating a comprehensive portfolio.

Hands-On Workshops and Skill Development

Theory is essential, but practice makes perfect. The program featured hands-on workshops that allowed participants to put their newfound knowledge into action. They experimented with various tools, software, and techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors, helping them refine their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Throughout the program, participants could also learn a wide range of valuable skills, including Character Design, Promotional Art Design, Art Collaboration, Environment Design, Scene Visualization, 3D Modeling, Character Animation, and Storyboarding. These skills opened up new creative horizons and expanded their capabilities.

Moreover, participants had the opportunity to work with industry-standard tools such as Blender, Clip Studio, and Adobe Photoshop, gaining valuable experience that will serve them well in their future endeavours.


Game development is a team effort, and the Maliyo Game Art Training Programme emphasized this aspect through our various learning and project groups. Participants collaborated with game developers to create captivating projects for the Maliyo Summer Game Jam, fostering teamwork, communication, and project management skills. These projects encouraged participants to think creatively and outside the box, resulting in breathtaking and innovative artwork.

You can explore the projects and games from the Maliyo Summer Game Jam on our page here.

The Graduation and Beyond

As the program reached its conclusion, participants celebrated their achievements during a memorable graduation ceremony. Armed with new skills, knowledge, and a network of like-minded peers, they left the program ready to make their mark in the world of game artistry.

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The Maliyo Game Art Training Programme 2023 was not just a training program but a transformative experience. It nurtured talent, encouraged innovation, and empowered participants to pursue their dreams in the gaming industry. The skills they gained and the connections they forged during this program will undoubtedly shape the future of African game development.

So, as we bid farewell to this remarkable journey, we look forward to witnessing the incredible game art creations that these talented individuals will bring to life. The canvas is theirs, and the future of African game artistry is brighter than ever.