Highlights of GameUp Africa’s April Meetup: A Gathering of Gaming Enthusiasts

Participants networking

The April GameUp Africa Developers Meetup brought together the community for an insightful and engaging event centred on bridging the gap between gaming and education. Passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to participate in meaningful discussions and gain valuable insights.

Addressing Financial Risks in Game Development

One of the key topics discussed during the meetup was the financial risks associated with selling games across different regions. Attendees shared their concerns about the costs involved in adjusting and adapting games to suit various regions. Suggestions were made on consulting with anthropologists during the design process to mitigate these risks.

Insights from Industry Experts

The meetup featured distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights on the intersection of gaming and education. Kate Edwards, CEO of Geogrify, discussed the importance of building inclusive worlds through game culturalization. Mariusz Gąsiewski, who leads mobile gaming initiatives at Google, shared strategies for success in the African gaming industry.

Showcasing Innovation

Eric Mwenda, a Kenyan game developer, presented his latest creation, Galaxy Music 3D, during the event. Attendees were impressed by the innovative streaming game, which brings favourite music to life in a stunning 3D environment. The game trailer and lighting demo provided a glimpse into the immersive experience offered by Galaxy Music 3D.

Engaging Discussions and Networking

Throughout the meetup, attendees actively participated in discussions and networked with industry professionals. Topics ranged from the complexity of game development to the impact of social media on gaming. Questions were raised about licensing for music used in games and the variation of games by genre.

Next Steps

As we reflect on the success of the April meetup, we’re excited to announce the official commencement of the Africa Games Developer Survey, spearheaded by Maliyo Games. This survey, now in its second year, aims to capture key data from game makers across the continent and shed light on the dynamic landscape of the games industry in Africa. Your participation in this survey is crucial in shaping interventions and fostering collaboration within the industry.

To participate in the Africa Games Developer Survey, visit

Looking Ahead

The April GameUp Africa meetup was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our community members. We’re excited to build on this momentum and continue bridging the gap between gaming and education. 

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