A Recap: GameUp Africa Developer Meetup 2024

The GameUp Africa Developer Meetup 2024 was an exhilarating event that brought together gaming enthusiasts, developers, and industry professionals to ignite collaboration and innovation within the African gaming industry. Held at CC Hub in Yaba, Lagos, the event featured insightful sessions, interactive discussions, and valuable networking opportunities. Key Sessions: The meetup kicked off with an […]

Leveling Up at Africa Games Week 2023 – by David Sibato

Africa Games Week 6th Edition wasn’t just a conference; it was a three-day power-up for my game development journey. Every session, from workshops to Networking, felt like a skill boost, unlocking new levels of ambition and connection. Day 1: My quest began with “Funding Opportunities for African Game Developers,” navigating funding avenues with industry veteran […]

A Cosmic Celebration of Africa’s Gaming Brilliance

The Nairobi Game Development Center recently hosted an event that transcended the boundaries of innovation and creativity.  This cosmic celebration left an indelible mark on us as a games studio and one that we hope does the same to the African gaming landscape.  Unveiling Africa’s Gaming Cosmos: The starlit evening began with the unveiling the […]

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Pioneers 

In the heartlands of creativity, where imagination runs wild and dreams take flight, there lies an ever-growing oasis of gaming marvels. At Maliyo Games, we embarked on a quest to explore Africa’s flourishing gaming ecosystem, seeking to shed light on its untold stories and unlock its limitless potential. Today, we stand humbled and grateful as […]