The Unique Art of Storytelling in Games

In a world where interactive experiences are increasingly prevalent, storytelling in games has emerged as a distinct and powerful form of narrative expression. Unlike movies or books, games offer a unique blend of player control and immersion, presenting new opportunities and challenges for storytellers. This article explores the tips and insights shared by a UK-based […]

State of the African Games Industry Annual Survey

In a world where the games industry is evolving at lightning speed, Africa’s gaming ecosystem has emerged as a vibrant and promising sector with immense potential.  Understanding the general makeup, challenges, and opportunities of this growing industry is crucial for its continued success.  Today, we invite industry stakeholders to be a part of something truly […]

Announcement: Maliyo Games to Pitch at Games Capital Summit in Sweden 

As the global gaming industry continues to expand, an exciting development is the rise of new voices shaping this emerging landscape. One such influential voice is Hugo Obi, the Founder and CEO of Maliyo Games. With a commitment to showcasing African culture and creating unique gaming experiences, Maliyo Games has become a leading force in […]

Unlocking Your Full Potential: The T-Shape Method

  The video games industry in Africa is rapidly growing. It’s an exciting movement with a growing number of opportunities for gaming professionals to wear multiple hats and take on different roles. However, this also means a higher risk of burnout. At Maliyo Games, we’ve had many informative sessions on this topic, and a  useful […]

Tips for Better Gaming UI/UX from One of our Developers

Friday afternoons at Maliyo Games are special and are filled with fun, learning, and bonding. It’s when the team at Maliyo Games comes together for an hour-long bonding session and we teach each other something new. It’s a crucial aspect of Maliyo Games’ culture of growth and development. In one of these sessions, one of […]