Unity Game Developer

Maliyo Games is seeking a results-oriented game programmer to join our game design team. You will be brainstorming game concepts with the design team, developing games using the Unity game engine and other relevant programming languages, and performing code maintenance for existing mobile games. To ensure success as a game programmer, you should demonstrate extensive knowledge of programming languages and their applications. An outstanding game programmer will be someone whose expertise translates into trendsetting experiences for our gaming audience.

Position: Game Developer

Status: Full-Time Exempt

Location: Remote

Compensation: Negotiable (subject to experience)

Company Overview

Maliyo is a Lagos-based game development studio that creates African-inspired games for mobile users with over 40 games in our portfolio. Maliyo infuses the continent’s lively culture and experiences into everything we create. Our goal is to embed Africa’s vibrant culture into video games through storylines, character development, immersive environments, captivating sounds, and strong visuals.

Essential Functions

  • Brainstorm game concepts, design elements, and specifications with the game design team.
  • Collaborate with programmers to set work schedules and deadlines.
  • Select suitable game frameworks and translate concepts into clean and efficient code.
  • Design and test gameplay features and prototypes.
  • Generate game scripts and storyboards, as well as create storyboard, animated game characters, and objects.
  • Program game’s terrain and artificial intelligence for non-player characters.
  • Contribute to user interface development, as well as the integration of graphic design, animation, and audio features.
  • Develop game milestones, checkpoints, and expansion packs.
  • Perform tests and implement validation procedures.
  • Troubleshoot code and fix bugs.
  • Document the full lifecycle of game development.
  • Maintain code, resolve issues, and perform bug fixes.
  • Integrate the latest game industry trends into game designs.


  • Background in computer science, computer engineering, or similar technical skills.
  • Education and training in game design and development preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience building libraries and application program interfaces (APIs).
  • Knowledge of Unity game engine and/or related technologies.
  • Proficient in programming languages, such as C#, C++, Object C, Parse, JavaScript, or Java.
  • Prior app development experience in Android or iOS is desirable.
  • Superb analytical and problem-solving skills, including solving complex software and coding issues.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Great organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to contribute to innovation in game design.
  • Personal commitment to improving your own knowledge and skills with a proactive and enthusiastic approach to work.
  • Work requires continued attention to detail in establishing priorities and meeting deadlines.
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while adhering to deadlines and within a fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrated flexibility and the ability to work with cross-functional teams in-person and remotely.