Unleashing African Talent: Maliyo Games’ Remarkable Journey at the Games for Change Festival 2024

Games for Change Festival is poised to be a landmark event, illuminating the transformative power of creative industries in global social impact. We are thrilled to announce that Hugo Obi, the visionary Founder and CEO of Maliyo Games, will be a distinguished speaker at the 2024 Games for Change Festival. This highly anticipated event, taking place on June 27 and June 28, 2024, at Parsons College in New York City, is expected to highlight the pivotal role of creative industries in driving Africa’s economic growth and innovation. Hugo Obi’s talk, “An African Talent Model for the Global Games Industry: A Case Study of Maliyo Games,” will be held on June 27 at 11:30 AM is anticipated to mark a significant milestone in highlighting the pivotal role of creative industries in propelling the Gaming Industry’s growth and innovation.

About the Games for Change Festival

The Games for Change Festival is a premier event dedicated to showcasing the transformative power of games in driving social impact and community engagement. Drawing inspiration from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this year’s theme, “The 2030 Marker: A Catalyst for Global Change,” aims to demonstrate how games can bridge barriers and connect people globally. The festival will feature an array of speakers, workshops, and panels, spotlighting the innovative and creative capacities of the games and XR industries in promoting sustainability, education, and social change.

Hugo Obi’s Talk: Empowering Africa’s Gaming Industry Through GameUp Africa

Hugo Obi’s presentation, titled “An African Talent Model for the Global Games Industry: A Case Study of Maliyo Games,” will take place on June 27 at 11:30 AM in Theater 2 – UL 104. This talk is set to mark a significant milestone in showcasing how Maliyo Games has developed one of the most sophisticated train-to-hire programs in Africa.

In his talk, Hugo Obi will delve into the unique conditions and challenges that inspired the creation of Maliyo Games’ train-to-hire program, known as GameUp Africa. This innovative initiative, GameUp Africa, has been pivotal in addressing the scarcity of skilled talent in the African gaming industry. By identifying and nurturing local talent through rigorous training and mentorship, Maliyo Games has developed a pipeline of skilled professionals and cultivated a vibrant ecosystem for game development across the continent.

GameUp Africa has played a crucial role in enabling Maliyo Games to secure and complete projects with prominent clients, including Disney Games. Through this program, aspiring game developers are provided with hands-on experience, exposure to industry-standard tools and techniques, and opportunities to collaborate on real-world projects. This approach has not only empowered individuals to pursue careers in game development but has also contributed to the growth and maturation of the African gaming industry as a whole.


As Hugo Obi shares the story of Maliyo Games’ journey and the impact of GameUp Africa, attendees at the Games for Change Festival can expect to gain insights into how investing in local talent and fostering innovation can drive social and economic development. His talk is poised to inspire attendees by illustrating the success of Maliyo Games and the broader potential of initiatives like GameUp Africa in shaping the future of the global gaming industry.

About Hugo Obi

Hugo Obi is the visionary founder of Maliyo Games, a company dedicated to showcasing African culture through interactive digital content. Under his leadership, Maliyo Games has become a beacon of creativity and innovation in the African tech ecosystem, offering high-quality games and comprehensive training programmes for aspiring game developers.

Hugo is eager to connect with like-minded individuals, mobile game studios, and educational institutions during the conference. He is interested in learning from the global gaming industry, exploring potential collaborations, and expanding the network of Maliyo Games within the international community.
Looking to meet Hugo Obi during the event? Connect via LinkedIn: @Hugo Obi.