Unlocking the Power of Play: Maliyo Games Launches Africa Games Industry Report at Africa Games Week

In a dazzling event at Cape Town, South Africa, Maliyo Games took centre stage at the VIP day of Africa Games Week to unveil a monumental achievement—the comprehensive “Africa Games Industry Report.” The event, held on November 29, 2023, began with Kristen from Nordicity presenting the report, shedding light on why the collaboration was crucial and the significance of documenting the African gaming landscape.

Hugo Obi joined the stage for an insightful interview, delving into the inspiration behind the report, its contents, target audience, and the manifold ways it will benefit stakeholders in the industry. The subsequent Q&A session provided a platform for engaging in discussions.

The report, a culmination of months of dedicated research, offers a panoramic view of gaming in Africa—capturing trends, challenges, and growth opportunities. More than data, it’s a roadmap for innovation and a celebration of the diverse creativity defining the African gaming sphere.

The official release was accompanied by a call to action, inviting enthusiasts to explore the full report here. Copies were distributed during the session, bringing tangible insights to the hands of attendees.

Africa Games Week continued with enlightening panel discussions, where industry pioneers explored records and envisioned future opportunities. Ideas collided, and insights illuminated the path forward, emphasizing the immense potential within the continent.

As the day unfolded at the Beautiful scenery of Workshop 17, Watershed, Waterfront, Cape Town, networking sessions solidified connections, and alliances formed, highlighting the commitment of the gaming community to propel Africa’s gaming future. The launch wasn’t just an event; it was a revelation. Maliyo Games remains at the forefront, redefining the gaming universe and inviting all to make and play games in Africa.

About Africa Games Week: In its 6th edition, Africa Games Week has emerged as the premier business event for the video game industry in Africa. Developers, content creators, and industry leaders convene to connect, engage, and contribute to the growth of the African Game Industry. The event encompasses three significant sub-conferences, featuring renowned speakers, workshops, pitch competitions, deal tourism, and B2B meetings.