Whot King revenue skyrockets by 450% after Google feature.

Maliyo Games, a leading pan-African game development studio, witnessed a meteoric rise in revenue for our popular game, Whot King after being featured on Google Play. This achievement is unprecedented and highlights the incredible success of Whot King, an adaptation of Nigeria’s nation card game, “Whot”, while also demonstrating our unwavering commitment to our vision and mission. Let’s delve into this remarkable story and explore the impact of the Google Play feature on Whot King’s revenue.

Maliyo’s mission and vision 

Maliyo Games has long been dedicated to creating entertaining and culturally relevant games that resonate with players across Africa and beyond. Since we began in 2012, our vision has been to position African games on the global stage, showcasing the continent’s diverse narratives,  and fostering the growth of a thriving gaming ecosystem. With a mission to create games that entertain, educate, and inspire, Maliyo Games continuously strives to push boundaries in African game development.

Whot King: A Gaming Sensation

Whot King, one of Maliyo Games’ flagship titles, has become a household name among gaming enthusiasts. The game is a digital adaptation of the popular Nigerian card game, “Whot”, and has captivated players with its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and intuitive mechanics. Its success can be attributed to Maliyo Games’ ability to infuse cultural elements into games while maintaining a universal appeal.

The Google Play Feature: A Game-Changer

Following its feature on Google Play, Whot King witnessed an unparalleled surge in both visibility and revenue. The exposure provided by Google Play’s curated selection brought the game to the attention of a vast global audience, resulting in an influx of new players and increased downloads. This feature not only amplified Maliyo Games’ reach but also validated our efforts in creating high-quality games inspired by Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

Revenue Growth: A Whopping 450% Increase

The impact of the Google Play feature on Whot King’s revenue was nothing short of astounding. Maliyo Games witnessed a staggering 450% increase in revenue following the feature, reflecting the immense demand and appreciation for the game. This substantial milestone reiterates the potency of  Maliyo Games’ mission to become the biggest supplier of games on the continent. What is more, it gives the studio the means to further innovate and expand this title; which was created by homegrown African development talent, many of whom were beneficiaries of our GameUp Africa developer bootcamp held annually. 

Looking Ahead

With the tremendous success of Whot King, Maliyo Games aims to build upon this momentum and expand its reach, captivating even more players globally. By combining African storytelling, innovative gameplay, and top-notch quality, Maliyo Games is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the gaming industry in Africa and beyond.