Whot King

Experience the timeless tradition of Whot in West Africa, now revitalised in the exhilarating Whot King mobile game. Engage in thrilling multiplayer matches with friends and global players, mastering strategic gameplay to ascend as the ultimate Whot King. With captivating visuals, unique card designs, and immersive sound effects, Whot King promises endless excitement and rewards as you progress through tournaments and unlock collectibles. Join over 100,000 players worldwide in this captivating and colourful card game adventure.


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Our Customer Feedback

Whot King brings back so many memories of playing the card game with my family. The modern updates and multiplayer mode make it even more enjoyable!

Chioma Nwachukwu Nigeria

Whot King has quickly become a favorite. I love the colorful and vibrant design and smooth gameplay. It's easy to learn but offers plenty of depth, making it perfect for casual players and serious gamers alike.

Brian Kimani Kenya

I appreciate the regular updates and new features added to Whot King by Maliyo Games. The developers are committed to providing new and different gaming experiences.

Lucas Silva Brazil

It's fantastic to see a traditional West African game brought to life with such flair and polish.

Kojo Asante Ghana

The multiplayer mode adds a whole new level of excitement to the classic card game. I play it alot with my friends and other players from around the world.

Lena Fischer Sweden

Whot King pays homage to a beloved classic card game while injecting new life and excitement into the experience. The art style and card designs are stunning.

Amina Abubakar Nigeria

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