Get in on the Whot King Craze Now Featured on Apple Store

Last Friday, during our usual Maliyo Games bonding session, I was caught off guard when a Whot King tournament was announced. Being a visual artist, I was no stranger to dominating our weekly competitions on and – two free multiplayer drawing and guessing games. I always felt like I had an edge over my colleagues, but little did I know that a new challenge was waiting for me. This tournament felt like a war waged on an unprepared soldier. screenshot from a previous competition

I recently joined Maliyo Games and had not yet gotten the chance to learn how to master Whot King. I was paired up with a Ghanaian UI/UX designer who, to my dismay, was also a Whot King pro. Whot is a popular card game played by millions worldwide, it is especially cherished in West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria, where it is affectionately viewed as the national card game. Whot King is Maliyo Games’ version of the game that captures the essence of Whot very well. The game with my colleague was fun, but I remember sending cry emojis in our Google Meet chat as I failed hard. 

I entered the battlefield unarmed and unprepared, much like a soldier facing the enemy without any weapons. It was a humbling experience that reminded me of the Twitter wars between Nigeria and Kenya (I am Kenyan) or the Jollof rice wars between Nigeria and Ghana. 

The Nigerian and Kenyan Twitter wars are known for being intense and competitive, with each side fiercely defending their country’s honour and accomplishments. The rivalry between the two nations on social media is legendary, with jokes, memes, and friendly insults being hurled back and forth. The Jollof rice wars between Nigeria and Ghana are also a well-known rivalry, with each country claiming that their version of the dish is the best. 

Just as the two countries fiercely defend their own version of Jollof rice, my Ghanaian colleague and I were locked in a friendly but competitive battle on the card game. It was clear that this was not a game to be taken lightly, and I was motivated to improve my skills and be a stronger competitor in future games.

At the end of the game, she beat me 3-0, and somehow I was still cheerful. My other Nigerian colleagues tried to console me by reminding me that my opponent had more than a year to learn how to play our Whot King game. All the same, I had a great time. The experience was like being baptized by fire, and it brought a new fire in me to learn more about the game. 

That evening, I took some time to play against the AI for a while and noticed a bit of improvement. The game is a lot of fun, and although it may take some time to master it, especially if you’re not a native West African like myself, with some time, like in any other game, you will eventually figure it out and enjoy it even more. 

Our new colleagues who joined the main team that very same week after a 3-month internship with us put on an intense competition, with the Kenyan ultimately coming out on top over the Nigerian. It was a close call and showed that anyone can win in this game, regardless of experience or background. Most importantly, it was a fun and bonding experience for everyone involved.

Screenshot of our new colleagues’ score on Whot King.

In fact, the game is so much fun that I am excited to announce that it is now featured in the Apple Store, a big milestone for Maliyo Games. So if you’re looking for a game that is both challenging and entertaining, be sure to check out Whot King. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be as good as my Ghanaian colleague. And as for me, I may have lost the battle, but I am ready for the next challenge!

 Now Featured on Apple Store