Discover the future of African gaming at GameUp Africa Monthly Meetup 2024! ✨

Maliyo Games is thrilled to announce the GameUp Africa Monthly Meetup 2024, a premier community event designed to ignite collaboration, share insights, and shape the future of the African gaming industry. Set to kick off in February 2024, this monthly gathering will bring together game developers, programmers, artists, designers, storytellers, and enthusiasts for an immersive […]

Playtopia Festival 2023: A Celebration of Creativity and Innovation

Founded in 2018, Playtopia has quickly become Africa’s premier destination for Indie Games and immersive Arts, marking its presence as an annual celebration of creativity and innovation. The recently concluded Playtopia Festival 2023, held at the Homecoming Centre in Cape Town from December 7th to 9th, was a vibrant convergence of South African and global […]

Leveling Up at Africa Games Week 2023 – by David Sibato

Africa Games Week 6th Edition wasn’t just a conference; it was a three-day power-up for my game development journey. Every session, from workshops to Networking, felt like a skill boost, unlocking new levels of ambition and connection. Day 1: My quest began with “Funding Opportunities for African Game Developers,” navigating funding avenues with industry veteran […]

Celebrating Women’s Day: Spotlighting the Brilliant Minds at Maliyo Games

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, it’s important to recognise the remarkable women at Maliyo Games who are driving innovation, creativity, and excellence in the African gaming industry. From game developers to program coordinators, these women embody strength, expertise, and brilliance, contributing to the team’s success. The Powerhouses Behind the Scenes Behind every successful […]

Maliyo Games and Disney’s IWÁJÚ: Embark on a Culinary Adventure with Rising Chef!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Disney Iwaju: Rising Chef, a captivating culinary experience that blends the rich tapestry of African culture, traditions, and cuisine with the magic of Disney storytelling. Developed in partnership with Maliyo Games, Kugali Studio and Disney World, this project has been a roller coaster of emotions, creativity, and […]

A Cosmic Celebration of Africa’s Gaming Brilliance

The Nairobi Game Development Center recently hosted an event that transcended the boundaries of innovation and creativity.  This cosmic celebration left an indelible mark on us as a games studio and one that we hope does the same to the African gaming landscape.  Unveiling Africa’s Gaming Cosmos: The starlit evening began with the unveiling the […]

Maliyo Games Elevates African Gaming with Grand Opening of New Studio in Yaba, Lagos

Exciting news reverberates through the gaming community as Maliyo Games, a leading pan-African developer, unveils its newly acquired studio nestled in the vibrant city of Yaba, Lagos. The highly anticipated launch event, held on the 28th of February 2024, marked a monumental occasion in the realm of African gaming, promising a plethora of opportunities for […]